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Behind The Brand

Give your customers or clients the opportunity to look behind the scenes. Engaging content between you and your product.



What it is all about

Unique story telling of your business!

Behind the brand photography is all about your business. Giving your customers an insight and opportunity to take a look behind the scenes. Who you are, what your business is, the love and passion. These shoots can really help to engage wit your audience!

"I'm All About The Brand, Bout The Brand, No Treble"

Here's More For You To Ponder

For your audience seeing the face behind the brand, visualising your processes or to have a nosy around where all the magic happens can provide depth and clarity to your marketing.

I work with small business or any size for that matter to help elevate their brand through natural and engaging photography. I love capturing clients shops, studios or creative spaces, showcasing their love and care that goes into what they do.

Whether you are a maker, interior designer, Pilate's teacher, plant shop owner or a coffee shop owner. We are living in a time where it has never been more important to show the world exactly who is running your busy as well as building a strong online presence!

These shoots give you the best media to let you shout about who you are, what you are and where you are! A big look what I have created moment, bragging of the love you have for your business.



My relaxed approach to brand photography means we will be calm, have a few giggles and capture natural moments together, bringing your very own uniqueness and personality through the lens as well as a clear grasp on hat your business is!

We can create mood boards and have an in depth conversation on all the details.


On top of the total amount I do ask for plus travel expenses for behind the brand. I will spend 3 hours with you. Capturing a vast variety of Images of your environment, portraits, the people you may work with or your pets! (pets always make the job easier right!) and the process behind your products/ services.

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