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We are family

How difficult is it to get a family photograph? We all love candid shots and a selfie now and then sure! But what about those wall worthy Images? I am talking from experience trust me I have this issue myself. Being a mum I understand the difficulty of not getting in photos or awkward angles to fit everyone in the frame, the struggle is real!

This is what this package is all about! To solve all your photographs needs, to capture those moments of you all together without the difficulty.

Family shoots are just the best, they are filled with so much love. Seeing families come together and having fun with the moment to makes it all so worth while!

Say Cheese!!

Why Me?

Family shoots with me can be either studio based or in the good old outdoors! Bringing you clean, cut, fun but relaxed images to you and your walls.

Whether it is all of you as a family, or siblings all together, even getting the pets involved as well (they are family too! plus I love a pet!)

This package is a great way to come together to feel bonded, have fun with each other, call it a day out except for you are having your picture taken. It is a personal tailored moment to you and your family. 

I will be capturing and creating timeless images that can hang on the wall for a lifetime, showcasing your personalities, your family uniqueness. I aim to create a relaxed, informal experience, bringing you fun along the way. I like my clients to enjoy their time with me and have fun, no stiff poses. Capturing all the smiles, the laughter and silly faces for you!

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Being the way I am with every family that I meet warm, attentive and relaxed brings timeless images. Which adds true personality, the most beautiful images.

I have an approach with children especially to make the experience less daunting for them. Making sure they feel safe, secure and less uneasy about the situation as this is a challenge that arises. The aim is to wanting them to feel calm, confident and happy! An experience that they would be more than happy to do again!

That being said I know it's the same for you adults too, I know getting in front of the camera can be somewhat challenging but I am here to bring you a service to capture shots of you and your family to cherish.

I also like to offer the opportunity of me coming to your household in cases where you may need that assistance to help make your life just a little bit easier! I am here to help you as well as give you the best service and experience possible.



What to wear? As a rule working with white backgrounds it is usually best to wear neutral colours as well as keeping it co-ordinated in some way with one another. This makes it easier to keep on your walls a lot longer, keeping in date and easy to pair up with colours, not clashing with the décor! In that being said it isn't something I force upon families because, your family, your personalities, your images. I believe in pleasing the customer, your wants, your desires.

What if I can't make an appointment? Don't worry that's what your deposit is for it will secure your session and I will fit you in again as soon as it is possible on both sides.  


What To Expect After Your Shoot?

I will be working tirelessly to edit all of your photos in my signature style and to your specifications. I am here to help you create the perfect package for you!

If you wish to have discussion then I am just a click away! Be as forthcoming as possible so I can be as prepared as possible.


Total £100.00

Non- Refundable Deposit £40.00 this is to ensure your date is secured and will be taken off total costs. Remainder amount will be needed to be paid in full on the date of your shoot!

  • 30 minutes to 1 hour shooting time this is depending on location and how smoothly it all goes.

  • Access to all edited images.

  • 5 10x8' prints.

  • Add- On media is available on request  with prices.

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