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Bump & Beauty Photographic outdoor/ indoor sessions


Why Choose Me?

First and foremost, Congratulations!

How exciting that you are coming into the world of parent hood!

During this time of your life you may be loving pregnancy, you also may be hating it. Lets be honest we are allowed to say that sometimes it just isn't fun and that's ok. Coming from a mum myself I know pregnancy comes with its unpleasant moments, but oh so many beautiful and wonderful moments too.

In all that being said a maternity shoot could be the answer  to capture this beautiful moment for you.

I can provide you with a relaxed  day either in the comfort of my home studio, your home or even in a beautiful picturesque location to showcase your ever growing gorgeous bump. Do you want to be reminded how beautiful you really are, to feel good about yourself? A reminder how amazing you are as well as what incredible things your body is doing right now? How about sharing and bursting out all the happiness and joy with yourself, partner or if you have other children together in this special moment!  


My Approach

 The way I want you to feel on your  shoot is 100% good feelings about yourself. Connect with your baby. I tend to be very attentive, re-assuring. It's a good time to have a non- biased chit chat, share experiences, talk about excitements which brings comfort, relaxation an understanding, connection between client and photographer, the whole experience not just a photoshoot! Having this approach should really bring out a serenity in your images, bringing timeless moments. Adding true beauty.

As stated above my shoots can be taken place in picturesque locations or in the home studio bringing your crisp clean cut images. The use of props e.g. flowers! or materials to modestly cover but showcase that bump. I can modify to fit to you and what you want from your experience!

Do you want to bring your partner? share the experience together. 

Have you got other children that can come along to share the excitement of the new addition? 

What To Expect After Your Session?

I will be working tirelessly to edit all of your images in my signature style or to your specifications. I also have add-ons that you can purchase on top of your package such as; canvases, extra prints, print keepsake box, USB. To enquire I am always here to listen and inform you upon request, I am here to create the perfect package for you!

In regards to outdoor shoots I am just a click and a message away to discuss further in detail. 

Bumping Beautiful Package

Total Price £50.00

Non-refundable Deposit £10.00 to secure date, will be taken off total amount.

Remaining to be be paid on full, the day of the shoot.

  • 45 minutes minimum time coverage

  • Outside location on requestor studio

  • High standard editing time 

  • Access to all final edited images

  • 1 10x8' print

  • 4 6x4' prints



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